Prudence Phiri

Lead Reporter

Prudence Phiri joined Global Press in Zambia after completing Global Press Institute’s intensive training in 2013. Having been brought up in a community where only the affluent make headlines in the news, Prudence pursued her career in journalism in 2006 with the aim of telling the untold stories of ordinary members of her community.

Prudence worked for Zambia’s leading privately owned newspaper, The Post. Prudence joined Global Press because it is an organization that upholds ethical, balanced, accurate and solution-based journalism with attention to every detail of a story.

Prudence’s height in her journalism career was in 2016 when two of her articles won The Global Press Best of 2016.”For me, Global Press Journal is a media platform where no source is too small or too big. At Global Press Journal every source has an equal voice in the news regardless of their status in society,” she says.