Trial and Amnesty

Tackling Zimbabwe’s Prison Problem

Amnesties are cycling Zimbabweans out of prison. But hundreds of arrests after protests in January have filled them up again. Fair trials remain elusive; reintegration for those released has been a challenge. This week, Global Press Journal is publishing two stories on how overcrowding in Zimbabwe’s prisons has revealed a major gap in the government’s criteria for dealing with prisoners.

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Zimbabwe’s prison overcrowding problem shows no signs of improving, despite government amnesties and calls for fair trials for people arrested in the country’s recent protests.

Click the links below to read today’s two stories on the shortfalls of Zimbabwe’s prison system and the impact on the people who are shuffled in and out of it.

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Zimbabwe Releases Prisoners in Amnesty Program, But Communities Worry About Safety

Zimbabwean presidents have granted over a dozen amnesties over 30 years to reduce overcrowding in prisons. But the lack of criteria raises questions about who is being released and why. Read the story here

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Hundreds Arrested in Zimbabwe’s Latest Protests, But Was Justice Done?

Hundreds of people who were arrested while protesting fuel hikes in January call for fair trials and better conditions in Zimbabwe’s overcrowded prisons. Read the story here