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Global Press Journal produces ethical, accurate news to create a more just and informed world.

Team members are guided by four core values: dignity, diversity, transparency and excellence. From hiring practices to editorial processes, we live our values in order to best serve millions of global readers.

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The GPJ Accurate check mark is our commitment to you. For the last 15 years, that check mark has stood for the same thing: quality and accountability. At Global Press Journal we employ robust editorial processes that include an array of talented people, from local reporters to translators, fact-checkers and copy editors. Every story is assigned a unique team of people who work together to ensure that stories are GPJ Accurate.

Local Reporting
Local journalists are the heart of Global Press. Each one begins reporting for Global Press Journal after graduating from Global Press Institute, the award-winning Global Press training program. After the training, each professional journalist is equipped to produce integrity-rich, consequence-driven journalism that features local voices, deep context and nuanced analysis. Our journalists report and write in their own languages and work with a global network of expert editors to ensure that their stories are 100% accurate upon publication.

Global Press invests in human fact-checkers for every story. Each story is fact-checked by a professional news fact-checker who is a member of the Global Press Accuracy Network. We use old-school fact-checking techniques, prioritizing local sources with close proximity to the information.

Copy Editing
Our professional copy editors, also members of the Global Press Accuracy Network, review each story in English and the reporter’s local language for clarity, grammar, AP style and Global Press style. The Global Press Style Guide is a living document that establishes rules for referring to the people and places around the world where Global Press Journal reporters work. Each entry is specifically crafted to promote dignity and precision in international journalism. Our guide deviates from AP style, the industry standard, in every instance, to offer either more dignified and precise rules or guidelines not featured in the AP Stylebook.

Global Press Journal reporters report and write in their own languages. Stories are published in local languages as well as in English, thanks to our network of trained translators, who specialize in sociolinguistic translation techniques to ensure that sources’ words and ideas are captured completely and accurately.

How It Works
Global Team

Global Press Accuracy Network

The Global Press Accuracy Network consists of talented professionals who ensure all Global Press Journal stories meet our high standards. From trained fact-checkers to career copy editors and expert translators, they prioritize accuracy above all else.


Global Press Journal reporters work in independent news bureaus in some of the least-covered places on Earth. Our all-women reporting team is trained to leverage powerful source access to deliver one-of-a-kind stories that help transform global narratives.

Newsroom Diversity

At Global Press Journal, we work to accurately represent the diversity of our world in our hiring practices and news coverage. We prioritize both physical and cognitive diversity in our global team. Global Press benefits from the creativity, innovation and journalistic balance that occurs when people who have different access, experiences and perspectives work together.


Reporter gender:
100% female


Reporter race:
24% Hispanic
37% Asian
38% Black


Global leadership gender:
83% female
17% male


Global leadership race:
37% White
18% Hispanic
18% Asian
27% Black

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Global Press Journal believes strong journalism thrives in transparent environments. We make all editorial policies, financials, annual reports and other key decision-making materials transparent and accessible to the public on all websites. Global Press Journal does not accept any anonymous or government funds.

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Duty of Care

Global Press Journal operates an industry-leading Duty of Care program that prioritizes the physical, emotional, digital and legal security of our reporters around the world. The program received the 2020 Chester M. Pierce Human Rights Award from the American Psychiatric Association.

  • Physical security: We use proactive training and reactive emergency protocols to mitigate physical risks.
  • Emotional security: Workplace wellness programs, PTSD screenings and culturally appropriate counseling sessions have become hallmarks of our Duty of Care program.
  • Digital security: We train reporters to fend off hacking, phishing and espionage.
  • Legal security: Reporters are well represented by local and global legal teams. They are also trained to know their rights.
More Information
Global Press

Global Press, the umbrella organization that includes Global Press Institute, Journal and News Services, was founded in 2006 to counter the disaster-driven narrative that the 24-hour news cycle prioritizes and legacy media perpetuates. Over the last 15 years, Global Press has shown a path forward for global journalism, proving it can be diverse, accountable and inclusive. We are international news, reimagined.

Global Press Institute

Global Press Institute offers local female journalists the opportunity to learn world-class journalism skills. From ethics and reporting methods to investigation and photojournalism, the Institute prepares journalists for careers at Global Press Journal.

Learn more on GlobalPress.co

Global Press News Services

Global Press News Services (GPNS) is the products and services division of Global Press. GPNS offers style guide consultations, news syndication and other services to promote diversity and inclusion within global organizations.

Learn more on GlobalPressNewsServices.com

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