Vehicle Inspections Cost Too Much for Many DRC Drivers, But Who Pays the Price?

In Democratic Republic of Congo, drivers are reluctant to take their vehicles for official routine inspections because the price is too high. But poor maintenance has resulted in shoddy vehicles, the use of which can have deadly consequences.

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In Zimbabwe: They Fix the Road for Tips, But Are They Really Helping?

Amateur repair crews who fill potholes in Zimbabwe’s roads may be doing more harm than good, but some repairmen say earning tips by working on the road is the only way they can feed their families.

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Where Warming Waters Kill Trout, Fish Hospitals Are Hatcheries’ Last Hope

Fish farming has become a popular industry in Indian-administered Kashmir, providing a steady livelihood for many – until the fish started to die. To find out why, a local university opened a fish hospital, providing treatment to the fish while determining the cause.

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