Students Battle in Knowledge Competition, as Haiti Works to Raise Education Levels

The education sector in Haiti has long been marred by poor literacy rates and low levels of public spending. As the government and NGOs strive to raise education levels, a knowledge competition promotes learning through a contest for students in the area including Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital.

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Zimbabwe Mandates Preschool, but Untrained Teachers and Unlicensed Schools Abound

The government ordered that all primary schools offer two years of instruction before first grade, and parents in Harare are facing a tough dilemma. A majority of preschool teachers are unqualified, and formal government schools might also be far away or demand high fees, while unregistered, cheaper preschools have sprung up throughout the capital.

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Water Shortages Disrupt Education for Nepalese Students in Rural Regions

Schools in remote, mountainous regions like the Baitadi district lack basic amenities and adequate sanitation. Safe water is hard to come by, but the government is spending more on education and building more toilets.

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Zimbabwe’s Seed Banks Act as Farmers’ Defense Against Radical Changes in Climate

Even though agriculture drives Zimbabwe’s economy, the country’s low rainfall has always made grain farming challenging – and climate change is making rainfall more erratic and extending dry spells. Small-scale farmers, however, are increasingly turning to a climate-friendly and cost-effective solution to the changing environment: community seed banks.

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