How Zimbabwe’s Schools Fell Apart

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's president for nearly four decades, continually pledged to make the nation's education system among the best in the world, despite a crumbling economy and social chaos. Now, months after Mugabe was pushed from office, Zimbabweans ask: Did he keep his promise?

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Is Mexico City’s Building Boom Causing a Water Shortage?

Real estate developers say their projects aren’t the root of the city’s inconsistent water supply, but longtime residents say it’s not a coincidence that their taps go dry after condominiums are built nearby. The city government, which acknowledges that its water infrastructure needs updating, doesn’t make public the information that could determine the cause.

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Increasing Claims of Chinese Contract Employees Fathering Children Prompt Financial Aid from Ugandan Authorities

Since 2013, an increasing number of local women have become pregnant by contract employees of Sinohydro, a Chinese company with a government contract to build the Karuma Hydro Power Plant. When the workers return to China, the women are stigmatized by the community and left to bear the financial burden alone.

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