Late Payments to Examiners Force Ugandan Graduate Students to Wait Years for Degrees

When a Ugandan graduate student completes coursework on time and writes a thesis or doctoral dissertation according to the schools’ timelines, they still have to wait years to receive their degrees. Why? A bureaucratic snafu over money is keeping them from getting their hard-earned degrees.

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Legal Rights

Years After Land Reform, Zimbabwe Farmers Struggle to Prove Ownership, Secure Loans

After a controversial land-reform program transferred many commercial farms from white to black ownership, some of the new farmers have struggled to prove that they own the land. But since the government has replaced title deeds with 99-year leases, uncertainty remains about what “ownership” really means.

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For Children in Dangerous Section of Haiti, Therapy is a Lifeline

Haiti’s Cité Soleil area, a densely-populated neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, is known for violence. A group of mental health professionals now work with children in their schools to help them manage the stress they experience living there.

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