Legal Rights

When Land Ownership Is In Doubt, Some Ugandans Face Witchcraft Accusations and Eviction by Mobs

Uganda’s tradition of “customary” land ownership means many landowners don’t hold titles to their property, and land disputes are rampant. With little faith in police or courts, Ugandans have turned to mob justice – and landowners fear for their lives.

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In Zimbabwe, Violence Follows Unregistered Gold Miners

A small town in Zimbabwe recently struck gold – a boon to small-scale miners who depend on gold for their livelihood. But after the miners came to Norton, so did the criminals.

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Legal Rights

As Faith in Police Dwindles, Kisangani Residents Turn to Mob Justice

As Kisangani’s under-resourced police force struggles to maintain law and order, residents have lost faith in the state’s ability to bring criminals to justice. Now, some are taking crime and punishment into their own hands – with deadly consequences.

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