Krista Kapralos

Enterprise Editor

Krista is Global Press' Enterprise Editor. She joined Global Press in early 2013, after spending more than a decade reporting for newspapers and magazines and training journalists around the world. Her first job at GPI was to help develop Global Press News Service, the organization's syndication platform. Krista moved on to become Special Projects Editor, became Managing Editor in 2015 and is now the Enterprise Editor.

Krista has extensive reporting experience. With a strong newspaper background, Krista has held fellowships with the International Reporting Project and the International Center for Journalists. Her reporting has taken her all over the world. She has also spent significant time reporting on American Indian reservations. Her work has earned honors for investigative reporting and narrative storytelling, among other awards.

Before joining GPI, Krista managed programs and mentoring for United Press International’s media development division, where she trained journalists from dozens of countries. Those programs included intensive workshops and one-on-one coaching. She has also led training for investigative reporting, coverage of HIV/AIDS and other topics for other organizations.

She earned an M.A. in journalism from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School, and lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters.