Krista Kapralos


Krista Kapralos joined Global Press Institute in early 2013, after building a journalism career as a reporter, editor and journalism trainer.

At Global Press Journal, Krista has spearheaded innovative new initiatives, including developing locally-sourced research methods and fresh models for data journalism training and execution. She chairs the Global Press Style Committee, which maintains the Global Press Style Guide. The guide emphasizes precision and dignity for news coverage of people and places across the globe. In addition to developing new journalistic models, Krista mentors reporters, providing everything from coaching to line editing to ensure that previously unwritten stories are presented in thorough, accurate and compelling ways for Global Press Journal’s audiences.

Before taking the role as News Director, Krista worked as Global Press Journal’s Enterprise Editor, Special Projects Editor and Managing Editor.

Krista has extensive reporting and editing experience. With a strong newspaper background, she has held fellowships with the International Reporting Project and the International Center for Journalists and has earned numerous awards for investigative reporting, narrative storytelling and breaking news coverage. She has spent significant time reporting on American Indian reservations and throughout the world.

Prior to joining Global Press, Krista managed programs and mentoring for United Press International’s media development division, where she trained journalists from dozens of countries. She has also led training for investigative reporting, coverage of HIV/AIDS and other topics for other organizations.