Portraits of Life After 60

With this collection of photographs, Global Press Journal reporters explore how people around the world spend their years later in life – whether by continuing to work, enjoying leisure time and entertainment or looking for love.

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Portraits of Life After 60

Lucila Pellettieri, GPJ Argentina

Sergio Maganas, 62, has been playing chess at the Parque Rivadavia in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since he was 14. He also sells books in this public park. The players meet at 5 p.m. every day.

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Patricia Lindrio, GPJ Uganda

Perepetua Namukasa, whose age is unknown, and her grandson James Mugerwa inspect the coffee crop in her garden in Uganda's Mpigi District. During harvesting season, Namukasa picks about 20 to 30 kilograms (44 to 66 pounds), and she sells 1 kilogram for about $1.85 (6,846 Ugandan shillings). These days, Namukasa feels she is losing energy, and she does light gardening chores to keep active.

Vijayatharsiny Vijayakumar, GPJ Sri Lanka

Poologam Kanmani, 67, a widow who lives in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, began harvesting onions 30 years ago to provide for her children and send them to school. Kanmani stills works as an onion farmer to care for her grandson.

Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal

Rajendra Maharjan, whose age is unknown, sits outside the Bhimsen temple in Basantapur Square, Nepal. Maharjan, who lives nearby, spends his mornings around the temple, where he reads the newspaper and visits surrounding shops.

Mar Garcia, GPJ Mexico

Manuel González Arévalo, 88, visits the Plaza del Danzón in downtown Mexico City to dance. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at this venue, live orchestras play the Cuban styles of danzón, cha-cha-chá and mambo, along with other genres. González Arévalo, like many of the other men, wears a zoot suit. He has been going to the Plaza del Danzón for six years, and he says, “I’m looking for love, but I haven’t found anything.”

Marissa Revilla, GPJ Mexico

Esperanza de Jesús, 70, sells preserved peaches, mangos, quinces, nanches and prunes at the Feria del Dulce, a sweets fair in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. De Jesús, who is a traveling salesperson, a job known locally as a “feriera,” learned to prepare fruit preserves in her childhood, and she passed that knowledge on to her children, who also sell preserves.

Crystal Ashike, GPJ Tribal Nations

Nana Manson, of Blue Gap, Arizona, and her granddaughter WynterRose McReeves, of Tohatchi, New Mexico, wait with other dancers for the grand entry, before the start of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Powwow and Bear Dance in Ignacio, Colorado. Native American dancers from all over the United States come together every year to dance into the powwow together.

Shilu Manandhar, GPJ Nepal

Tashi Gurung (right) receives blessings from a village elder after hitting a bullseye during the tournament. Blessed leaves and branches are often used to adorn the tournament’s winners.

Marie Michelle Felicien, GPJ Haiti

In the commune of Turgeau in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, conservator Franck Louissaint (foreground), 69, and his trainee Marc Gerard Estimé restore a 1988 painting by Edouard Duval-Carrié that depicts heroes of Haitian independence. Louissaint, who is a painter himself, has been restoring art since the 2010 earthquake, which left many works of cultural heritage damaged or destroyed.