Show Your Work: Exclusive Preview of the Global Press Passport Podcast, Episode 5


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Illustration by Chuck Todd for Global Press Passport  

Enjoy an exclusive preview of the fifth episode of the Global Press Passport podcast, "Show Your Work". Join Passport for more behind-the-scenes access, blogs, videos, food and travel stories!

What is radical transparency? How can it be used as a tool for measuring accuracy at news organizations?

In the fifth episode of the Global Press Passport podcast, host Kyana Moghadam invites guests to talk about the power of radical transparency across a number of fields, while exploring why it remains a core value for Global Press.

Tune in to hear from Global Press Founder and Executive Director Cristi Hegranes, Board Chairman of Global Press and veteran Reuters journalist, Emily Kaiser, and Global Press Research and Accuracy Intern, Tia Schwab, along with Hailley Griffis, Public Relations at Buffer, and Alejandro Salas, the Regional Director for the Americas and Asia Pacific Advisor for Transparency International.

For more information on Global Press’ approach to radical transparency, explore our Transparency page here.

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