Podcast Episode 9: How the World is Reported


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Illustration by Chuck Todd for Global Press Passport  
Podcast Illustration by Chuck Todd for Global Press Passport

How does the emergence of parachute journalism and citizen journalism affect international news coverage?


At least 70 percent of foreign news bureaus have closed in the last 30 years and nearly two thirds of U.S. papers have cut back on international news coverage. As a result, new models of reporting – including parachute journalism and citizen journalism – have surfaced.

What do these changes mean for international news coverage?

In the ninth episode of the Global Press Passport podcast, we explore the limitations and opportunities in international journalism trends.

Guests include Richard Sambrook, Professor of Journalism and Director of the Centre for Journalism at Cardiff University. Emily Kaiser, Global Press Chairman and veteran Reuters journalist. Malik Siraj Akbar, a journalist and editor in chief of the Baloch Hal.

From the Global Press team, Senior Reporter in Argentina, Lucila Pellettieri and Senior Reporter in Uganda, Apophia Agiresaasi, and reporters Marie Michelle Felicien and Anne Myriam Bolivar in Haiti.

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