Lucía Ramírez, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
Brewer at Cervecería Nepantla (Nepantla Brewery), member of Catadoras y Cerveceras de México (Women Tasters and Brewers of Mexico)

“Although there might not be people like you, you can be the first, and that can open things up for lots of other diverse people, too. It’s important that you dare to do it if you’re interested, even if you don’t see people there, because there are always ways to get inside of something. And once you find the starting point, you find ways to keep developing. Sometimes it seems like they’re closed off worlds, but there are always doors where you can get in. And we have the capacity to constantly gain knowledge and experience that can make us very brave in those spaces.”
Marissa Revilla, GPJ Mexico