Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC’s ‘Culinary Mistress’ Shares Her Recipe for Matembele, a Congolese Specialty

Marie-Noëlla Muhindo Muhambikwa, 51, is the chef and restaurateur behind Chez Maman Noëlla, a restaurant located in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the city of Goma. Aside from being a host for a number of radio and television cooking shows, Muhambikwa has volunteered her time to teach others the art of Congolese cuisine.

Mariam Aboubakar Esperance, GPJ DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo

Matembele, the staple leafy green in the Democratic Republic of Congo, packs dishes with vitamins and is enjoyed daily by many Congolese families. A popular chef, known in her region as the “Mistress of Culinary Arts”, shares her recipe on matembele as she serves it in her restaurant.

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