Susan Topa, Harare, Zimbabwe
Caregiver and physiotherapist

“I help people who are not well and orphans when there is need. I offer my services for free, but if there is a patient who can pay, it is a plus for me. I just chip in and use the skills that I have. It has become a passion. People in my community now know my profession, and if there is someone who needs help, they call me. There has been an improvement in responsiveness to outbreaks like cholera, polio, etc. There has also been massive sensitization of diseases like cancer, and it’s a plus for me. What needs improvement are follow-ups after a person is given treatment when they are sick. In the past, if someone had tuberculosis, for instance, nurses from local clinics would follow up on those patients to see how they are coping.”
Gamuchirai Masiyiwa, GPJ Zimbabwe