The following conditions must be fully adhered to by all approved republication partners:

Your organization must be a legal, registered entity. The primary website must include prominent links to an about page that includes when your publication launched, who works for your publication, your copyright and contact information for the publisher. Global Press holds the right to refuse republication permissions.

Stories must prominently and transparently credit Global Press Journal in all of the following ways:
a) The reporter’s byline must be included at the top of the story.
b) A line must be included at the top of the story that reads, “This story was originally published by Global Press Journal.”
c) A hyperlink must be included and link to the original story on
d) The following language must be included at the end of the story:
“Global Press Journal is an award-winning international non-profit news publication that employs local women reporters in more than 40 independent news bureaus across Africa, Asia and Latin America.”

The story’s lead image may be published with the story. A single .jpg image is available for each story. All photos are taken by Global Press Journal reporters and are directly relevant to each story. In order to request any of the other Global Press Journal visuals presented with the story, you may email [email protected] to inquire about a one-time use license.

Stories may not be edited or modified. Republication partners may not edit any aspect of a Global Press Journal story without additional permissions. Request permissions for edits and modifications at [email protected] . You must retain all original links.

Stories may not be translated into another language. Global Press Journal stories are published in English and the reporter’s local language. You may republish either or both of those versions, but you may not translate a Global Press Journal story into another language. You may contact [email protected] to request a story in another language. There is a fee for this translation service.

Stories may not be syndicated or sold. Once published on a partner site, stories may not be made available to any other news outlet, organization or syndicate.

Stories may not be copy and pasted from Republication partners must follow procedures to receive stories and photos via email. If your request is time sensitive, indicate this in the notes and comments below or add it to the subject line of your email.

Tag Global Press Journal when sharing stories on social media. Tag @globalpress when sharing Global Press Journal stories on Twitter and tag @globalpressjournal on Facebook and Instagram.

Provide story analytics and reader comments. Global Press representatives will contact you regularly for information on pageviews, engagement and other metrics related to the republished story.

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