Sahana David Menon


Sahana joined Global Press in Sri Lanka in 2014. Sahana is an Indo-Sri Lankan traveler and explorer. Growing up in the idyllic country side of Kandy, Sri Lanka, she was surrounded by scenic mountains and people from the hills which influenced her early affinity for the camera and storytelling. She initially went to a school in Kandy but dropped out which prompted her toward an environmental-based home school education with her parents and brother in her late teen years. She also studied psychology.

Sahana entered journalism in 2012, after working as a writer and photographer for magazines in India and Sri Lanka. She joined Global Press in 2014 because she wanted to work for an international news organization which will give her the opportunity to investigate and bring out the untold stories and facts from all walks of people in life without being biased.

“There is just so much more out there, so many moments to capture, so much to be found and told in every aspect of this planet. I’m glad to be a part of Global Press. It has gotten me into places, people and lifestyles I’d have never seen otherwise,” Sahana says.