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The Global Press Style Guide

The Global Press Style Guide is a living document that establishes rules for referring to the people and places around the world where Global Press Journal reporters work. Each entry is crafted with the assistance of Global Press Journal reporters and editors, who live and work in the communities they cover.

Spanish nouns and pronouns

This is a deviation from AP Style.


In stories written in or translated into Spanish, do not use the masculine form of any plural noun or pronoun to refer to groups of people that include both men and women, or people of unknown gender. Instead, refer to men and women, or boys and girls. When possible, use quienes as an alternative for los y las. Use gender-inclusive alternatives, such as la población mexicana (the Mexican population) instead of todos los mexicanos (all Mexicans). Do not use the @ symbol or letters “x” or “e” to create gender-inclusive spellings for collective nouns.


Gender-inclusive word choice promotes source dignity and precise references ensure reader clarity.