Guest Blog: Global Press Intern Settles into New Job, Finds That “Being an Adult Isn’t So Bad”

August 19, 2016

GPJ-USAGLOBAL PRESS HQ — My stomach was in knots as the Megabus pulled into San Francisco.

This is it, I thought: The beginning of the end. I might as well kiss my childhood goodbye and concentrate on going to work, paying rent and buying groceries like every other boring adult.

I had made big transitions in the past year, having moved from Kolkata, India all the way to Iowa, where I attend Grinnell College. I’ve moved around all my life, living in eight cities in three countries, so home was wherever my family was. The prospect of being by myself all summer was an intimidating one. I remember telling my friends right before I left college that I was scared of what lay ahead of me this summer: scared of messing up, scared of a dull work life and scared that I’d miss home too much.

But as I walked into the Global Press office on my first day of work earlier this summer, and watched my supervisor being spun around in her chair by her boss, Global Press Founder Cristi Hegranes, all these fears started to evaporate.

I realized then that work and fun didn’t have to be mutually exclusive, at least not at Global Press.

In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve had the pleasure of getting acquainted with some of the most driven and hardworking women I’ve ever met. They are passionate about their work and always willing to provide me with guidance and support. Plus, they have fostered a positive and vibrant work environment, one where I’m unafraid to ask questions.

Coming in as a summer intern, I expected to handle the “busy work” that no one else wanted to do. But from the first day on, I was treated the same as any other member of the team. I was assigned tasks that helped me develop my skills and made me feel like an important contributor.

People valued the new perspectives I brought with me. Rather than assigning me work based on their vision, I was encouraged to be creative as I developed content to engage more people through our social media. When I made suggestions or proposed alternatives, they were carefully considered and sometimes implemented. My designs were used online, I directly contributed to posts published to GPJ and GPI social media accounts and I felt like what I was doing truly mattered.

Simultaneously, I challenged myself by learning new things every day. It took more time to gain competency in some tasks than others, but with enough practice came improvement. Video and audio editing only got easier the longer I kept at it. Engagement and reach started to become more than just buzzwords as I compiled weekly analytical social media reports. Creating effective posts and images to share on our social media became second nature. If I felt lost during any part of this learning process, all I had to do was look up from my screen and there was a room full of some amazing people ready to guide me.


Before starting at Global Press, I was scared of what was in store for me, but my time here has been full of fun, learning, and everything in between. Maybe being an adult isn’t so bad after all.