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Zimbabwean dollar (ZWL)/bond notes/RTGS dollar


Use Zimbabwean dollars (ZWL) for all references to Zimbabwean currency after June 24, 2019.

Source references to the paper form of ZWL, often called bond notes, or to the electronic form of ZWL, often called RTGS dollars, may be used in quotes if essential to the story.

If monetary amounts are referenced as bond notes or RTGS dollars, rename the currency as ZWL. Then, convert ZWL to USD using the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s official rate for that day.

Always provide context about the country’s recent transition to a single currency system and the changes that led to the creation of multiple forms of one currency.


Zimbabwe is transitioning from a multi-currency system to a single currency system. The period between 2016 and 2019 saw multiple local currencies introduced, named, renamed and circulated. Consistent references to the country’s currency are necessary to ensure reader clarity. Providing references to USD offers global context and reader clarity.