Juan Pablo Ampudia

Photo Editor

Juan Pablo Ampudia joined Global Press Journal in September 2022 as a photo editor. He is a Mexican documentary photographer and storyteller who focuses on the aftermath of social and environmental issues around Latin America, with a particular interest in resilience.

After earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from CECC University in Mexico City in 2008, he worked for several years in the advertising industry behind dozens of consumer brand campaigns.

In 2014, he started his photographic career documenting the relationship with his mother, who had multiple sclerosis for more than 25 years. This six-year personal project sheds light onto a progressive, degenerative and incurable disease that affects more than 2.8 million people.

In the following years, he worked in Brazil, focusing on issues related to identity and conflict. Being more aware of our diet's impact on the environment, he documented the highest loss in the Brazilian rainforest in a decade.

Recently, he has collaborated on several pieces about human rights violations and environmental crimes in Mexico. His work has been published in National Geographic, Los Angeles Times, Insider, UNICEF, Gatopardo, among others.