Bennett Hanson

Research Editor

Bennett Hanson is Global Press Journal's research editor. He joined Global Press in 2018. Since then, his days have been spent sifting through, collecting and deciphering open-source research materials to answer the hard questions, track ongoing trends and provide accurate and compelling information to Global Press stories. Leveraging access to databases, satellite imagery and topical experts, he enhances the shoe-leather reporting of Global Press reporters.

Previously, Bennett passed the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Officer Test and worked for the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund as a researcher and writer. He then worked for an international education company in Boston, where, along with writing culturally-attentive educational materials for children in five countries, he managed a team of six curriculum writers split between Boston and Hyderabad, India. Bennett graduated from Western Washington University with a double major, balancing journalism with international studies.

Bennett now lives in Portland, Oregon.