Alizeh Kohari

Editorial Coach, Asia Regional Team

Alizeh Kohari joined Global Press Journal in 2021 as an editor. She now works as the editorial coach for GPJ's Asia Regional Team. She is a Pakistani journalist who currently divides her time between Karachi and Mexico City. Her reporting has appeared in Harper’s, Wired, The Atlantic, The Baffler, BBC, and others. She was most recently a fellow at Coda Story, investigating biometric surveillance in Pakistan, and a Persephone Miel fellow with the Pulitzer Center. For four years, she was a staffer at the monthly Herald, Pakistan’s oldest current-affairs magazine. Between 2015 and 2017, she was a Fulbright scholar at NYU; in the summer in between, she worked with Reuters in Mexico City as an Overseas Press Club fellow. She holds an undergraduate degree in government and economics from the London School of Economics.