The Global Press Influencer Series leverages our investigative journalism as a backdrop to convene conversations on underrepresented issues in order to foster idea-sharing and solve the world’s most pressing problems.

By creating live experiences that feature our one-of-a-kind journalism, these events are shifting the conversation about global communities from one of poverty, exploitation and violence to one of agency, innovation and community development. All Influencer events are dedicated to fostering conversation and understanding around specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Global Press is looking for exclusive partners that want to demonstrate their commitment to a more just and informed world, specifically in support of the SDGs. The Global Press Influencer Series offers an executive positioning and thought-leadership experience for companies that want to align themselves with movements, influencers and experts who work to reduce inequalities across the globe.

We developed this new partnership model to showcase that journalism that prioritizes diversity and quality can thrive without compromising journalistic integrity. Being exclusive with our partnerships and how we align ourselves is how we keep our journalism independent and credible.

The inaugural Global Press Influencer Series will be invitation-only, live-streamed events at the Newseum in Washington DC!

For more information please email Megan Villanueva at [email protected]