The Best of Both Worlds: It’s Local and Global News at GPJ

March 7, 2017

GPJ-USAGLOBAL PRESS HQ — If you had told me a few months ago that I would be working as the Visuals Editor at a global news organization today, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

I have never been a big fan of big, mainstream news organizations. I’ve always preferred the intimate nature of local news produced by local journalists. But as a photographer, I love to travel, to tell stories and to see the world through photography.

So, when I came across Global Press Journal, I was excited to have found the perfect combination of my love for the world and for local journalism.

Before coming to Global Press, I was a photographer at a few small-town newspapers in the U.S., where my main duty was to accurately represent the town to the rest of the world, while also providing the town the best, and often only, news coverage of the area. But because I came from out of town, it would take me months to do this properly. When I would talk about my experiences with my local coworkers, although I could sometimes bring a useful outsider’s perspective to the story, they would almost always point out something I’d missed that would have been common knowledge if I had lived there longer. I realized many times how difficult it truly is to tell a full story in a location if you aren’t from there.

When I began my career in photojournalism, my goal was to travel the world, influenced by my grandfather’s travels as an engineer and personal travels in his retirement. But after learning about the strength of local news coverage and the weaknesses of covering a community as an outsider, I put this dream on hold. I never imagined that a company would think to combine the best of both global and local news coverage.

Through Global Press Journal, I get to work with pictures from around the world, taken by reporters who live and work in the communities they cover. This allows me to see the world while also supporting their local news coverage. The scale is large, as our audience is global, but the reporting is still intimate and local.